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Removal Notice

Removal Notice

Dear customers:


Shanghai Shujue Waterscape Engineering Co., Ltd. for business development needs and the expansion of the company's size, and in response to Shanghai Fengxian District to create "Oriental Valley" development strategy to "R & D design, testing, marketing planning, exhibition, cultural creativity, e-commerce, financial services, human resources" as an extension The development of producer services will give full impetus to the development of cross-border industries such as tourism, leisure, sports, fashion and luxury goods, accelerate the cultivation of "new technologies, new industries, new models and new formats", and promote the concept of industrial scale, clustering, high-end and international development. Since August 01, 2017, the company has moved from the original address of Room 201-204, 333 Huancheng East Road, Fengxian District, to the Modern Science and Technology Park, Fengxian District, Shanghai. Address: Block E, 6th floor, No. 2, Lingguang Building, 2511 Huancheng West Road, Fengxian District.

The company's original telephone number 3756554 remains unchanged.

Chinese website address: English website is the original website:

The company will take this relocation as a new starting point, to further provide you with better products and services, and common development with you, and thank you again for your long-term support and cooperation to the company!

I hereby inform you!

Shanghai Shu Jue waterscape Engineering Co., Ltd.

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