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Guizhou Yuping County Ethnic Group Garden Music Fountain


     Yuping County Ethnic Style Park is located in Maoping New Area wind and rain bridge head, back to Pingshan Park, sitting dance Yanghe waterscape.

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     The fountain in the garden is a large-scale musical fountain, each of which has a strong integrity, distinct spraying layers, rich water type changes, and blends with the surrounding scenery.

logo贵州玉屏县名族风情园音乐喷泉图1 (4).jpg

        Lights and music run with the fountain, and the corresponding colors are displayed in layers. It can change the shape of water spraying in the process of spraying. It can be sprayed into upright water column or trumpet-shaped. Therefore, music fountain has reached a new height in terms of modernity, artistry and science and technology.

logo贵州玉屏县名族风情园音乐喷泉图1 (8).jpg

       At 7 p.m., the fountain performance officially began. During the nearly two-hour performance, a stream of water followed the melody of the music, sometimes gentle, sometimes exciting. The fountain landscape integrates sound, light and water. It uses the splendid sprinkler shapes such as "bridge and fence interest", "rainbow flying degree" and "the heart of all" to fully explain the charm of water combined with the dynamic feeling of music. The people who came to watch continued to exclaim. They took out their cameras and mobile phones to record the beautiful moment.

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