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Why do designers charge design fees?

Everything has to be balanced, and only when the balance is balanced can things be solved well, and you pay what you get. The same is true for design. If you think there is no need for design fees, then why do you need to find designers?


Under what circumstances will designers not charge for design fees?

1., designers need not use their brains without wasting brain cells.

2. Designers are tricking you into downloading a few pictures from the Internet without any responsibility to you.

3. in the case of designers who are ridiculous to such a design.

4. Designers may not charge design fees at all times on the premise of personal and corporate interests and on the basis of damaged customer interests.

And under what circumstances do we need to charge the design fee?

1., when designers think hard about your design,

2., the designer sincerely serves for you, anxious customers are eager to think about the circumstances of customers.

3., when the designer stands on the client's position, he is always thinking about the customers.

4. When the designer has to sacrifice his or her limited rest time to do your design, he or she will have to push away from other design tasks.

5. in the case of designer as the designer of this bowl of rice.

6., designers need to be responsible for your design.


Why should designers charge design fees?

1. There is no free lunch in the world. Designers are not philanthropists. Designers also need to support their families. Designers are not simple enough to collect taxpayers'money for people's business. Moreover, some people nowadays still try to find money by changing their ways.

2. Designers are not obligated to work for you for free (no right without reason, no right without reason) Designers have to fulfill their obligations, provided that they have the corresponding rights; that is, when you pay the design fee to the designer, the designer is obligated to do a good job for you and serve you well.

3. Designers do not rely on design fees, excuse me, what to earn income, you need a high level of design, you should pay the corresponding remuneration, if you do not need to design, then there is no design fee.

So dear customers, if you want a designer to design something new and creative for you in accordance with your requirements, please pay the design fee you think is not worth it.


The fees for the design of large-scale musical fountains in 2018 are as follows: 1. Standard design: Period 3-5 days. Design Service Range (1. Fountain Plane Layout, 2. Fountain Plane Effect, 3. Fountain Equipment Details. 4. Fountain Construction Drawing. 5. Technical Submission Document)

The design cost is more than 10000RMB.

Two: Senior Design: cycle 10-15 days. Design Service Range (1. Fountain Plane Layout, 2. Plane Effect Fig. 5, 3. Fountain Equipment List, 4. Fountain Construction Drawing, 5. Technical Submission Document, 6. Fountain Animation Video Made by Design Director)

The design cost is more than 35000RMB.


Shanghai Shujue Waterscape Engineering Co., Ltd. is specialized in large-scale music fountain, large-scale laser water curtain film, science and technology digital water curtain, large-scale light water dance music fountain, suspended line water curtain, program-controlled fountain, wave light fountain, fire fountain, water curtain wall, rockery fountain, interesting fountain, dry land fountain, air explosion, sculpture fountain, artificial fog. , overlapping water, artificial waterfall and so on!

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Shanghai Shu Jue waterscape Engineering Co., Ltd.

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