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Hanger curtain

Hanger curtain commonly known as water curtain, its principle is through the pump (roughly divided into submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps, generally using silent submersible pumps, and then centrifugal pumps must  match machine-room, because the motor have noise at start) from the bottom of the reservoir into the top stainless steel reservoir, and then water input each hang-pipe through the rectification system and water curtain. 

The sprinkler water column into each suspension line (usually stainless steel and elastic transparent silica gel) and falls freely along the pipe slowly.

 The glittering dynamic water line is like a silver line. ( also call it the Silver Water Curtain)

 The transparency of the suspended water curtain will be display clearly for audience see the landscape inside and outside, also does not hide the light of the whole building. 

 At same time, it makes the background more shiny and elegant! Let people look beautiful and generous, feel a new. Top or underwater It can be equipped with LED (monochrome or colorful) spotlights at top or underwater.

It will cultivate the wave of brilliant feeling and help mental relaxation

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