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Air Fountain

The numerical control Air fountain  is designed to solve the technical problems caused by the insufficient structure of the existing water fountains.

The fountain is equipped with a group of numerical control valves, Water Inlet, Water tank, universal nozzle, One-way valve and Air compressor. The one-way valve of the air generator is connected with the air pipe, the air pipe is connected with the storage cylinder, and the air storage cylinder is connected with the air compressor. 

The air inside the air compressor is quickly filled with the air bags through the cylinder, the pipe and the check valves. By computer, the numerical control valve and the universal nozzle are controlled, the high pressure gas quickly release the water inside the storage tank from the universal nozzle and produced the sound of "Burst".

This system does not depends on the water quality . There is several forms of fountains with flexible, fast, loud, higher reaching altitudes, and suitable for the landscape layout and atmosphere of large public areas, such as commercial square, hotel, park and so on.

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