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Overlapping Waterfalls

Water curtain wall is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. It is ingeniously designed in office buildings, hotels, sales halls, parks and other places according to the principle that air decomposes water molecules naturally.

Water curtain wall slows down the flow speed according to the principle of physical month, and achieves the effect of overcoming the noise of water flow, making the effect of water flow become a kind of artwork for appreciation. The murmuring sound of water seems to be in the embrace of nature, giving people a pleasant coastal atmosphere.

Water curtain wall in operation, can release water molecules, played a role in humidifying and purifying the air, of course, in the home geomantic omen is also used to improve the home geomantic omen.

Water plays a pivotal role in geomantic omen. Water can make dragon gas accumulate and retain. Without water, the land can not support everything. There is no vitality, nor can it become a dragon. The place where water flows is the place where life gathers. It is estimated that geomantic omen of water is wealth. Therefore, water curtain wall can play a good omen of prosperity in geomantic omen.

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