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Water Screen Projection

Advantages of water curtain films

1., the picture is huge.

Generally small water curtain, length and width are close to 10 meters, an area of about 100 square meters; large lake water curtain, length can exceed 150 meters, height can reach more than 30 meters, its night long-term effect than the city's landmark buildings more distinct. The water curtain can also be adapted to local conditions, such as local waterfalls.

And other facilities. The characteristic of super large water screen is incomparable with other technologies.

2. diverse forms

Simpler and useful pool plane, there are rectangular vertical plane, there are irregular vertical plane, there are 360 degree circular three-dimensional.

In early 2011, the circular water curtain film was officially launched in Hongkong's Ocean Park.

3. the visual impact of shock

With super high-power sound effects, the unpredictable laser beams, like a mirage, make the audience feel mysterious near the scene.

Fantasy fairyland in general.

4. wide audience

Not only can we watch closely, but we can also go far. Of course, viewing from different angles can have different effects, such as watching by the lake, high-rise nearby, in the distance or aerial photography, etc. Anyway, there is always a free way to watch a water screen movie.

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