International production team of water dancing in light and shadow ·Build water show art integrating light, shadow and sound technologies in cultural tour
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Shanghai Shu Jue waterscape Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shu Jue waterscape research and development, design, production, construction, director, layout, after sale, one-stop service! Shujue fountain is a professional manufacturer engaged in research and development, design and manufacture, installation and commissioning and after-sales service of waterscape fountains.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "creating harmony and sharing life", the company is determined to carry forward the "water" culture, do a good job of "water" articles, to create a more strange, updated and beautiful human landscape. By taking "water" as the carrier, using modern high-tech and human wisdom, the fountain's artistic form is integrated with sound, light, water and beauty, and the culture and rhythm of water are fully deduced. While improving the living environment and devoting harmonious movement, it brings endless artistic enjoyment to people's spirit.

The company has a number of practical experience, honest and trustworthy, hardworking high-quality technical team and management team. Over the past few years, all kinds of large-scale music fountains, program-controlled fountains, laser water screen movies, water scenery and other projects undertaken in the country are favored by all walks of life, and won the praise of the majority of customers, and won a good reputation for our factory.

R & D, design, production, construction, director, layout, after sale, one-stop service!

The international production team of water dance and light and shadow create the art of light, shadow and sound.

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