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Liaoning Fushun water dance show

According to the crescent Island eco-park service center, since the crescent Island eco-park increased the music fountain "water dance show" performance, by the general public and tourists love, in peak hours, can attract tens of thousands of visitors to watch. Greatly promoted the vigorous development of the surrounding business!


  From March 25, 2014, the crescent Island fountain team began to repair and maintain the musical fountain equipment, including the submersible pump rust removal treatment, electrical appliances, lines, and all machinery and equipment operation of a comprehensive investigation and so on. The water dance and water show music fountain, which combines sound, light, water, electricity, laser and water screen movies, began to perform at 19:00 on April 30. On the basis of the original 46 pieces of music, the fountain added 9 more songs in 2014, such as "China Beauty", "Where's Time", "Love My China". The combination of water dance and water show is varied and magnificent. The music and lighting take into account the cultural characteristics of Fushun city and adopt classical music.


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