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Fountain waterscape art and control technology

The relationship between water and human is very close, it not only directly related to people's food, clothing, housing and transportation, but also affects people's thinking and emotions. In the construction of environmental landscape, water scenery occupies a very large proportion, and fountains as an important part of water scenery art has been more and more widely used, whether from cities to towns, from We can see all kinds of fountain art from parks to municipalities, from hotels to schools, from units to families. The understanding of water is totally different between China and the West from the very beginning. Chinese people pay attention to the meaning of "conformity" in water management. Westerners pay attention to the meaning of "back" in water management. Therefore, China's waterscape art is dominated by "gravity flow", such as still water, flowing water, falling water and so on. It is a water management art that allows water to flow from high to low.



The Western waterscape is mainly "pressure flow", such as a variety of fountains, is a water management art to let water flow from low to high. Therefore, the fountain landscape art studied in this paper is in the final analysis the art of "backing" and the art of letting water flow from low to high. To study this art, we should first discuss various artistic elements and general design principles in fountain design from the artistic point of view, and then we should clarify the reason why water flows from low to high from the technical point of view. Therefore, the full text runs through the article with two main lines, always closely combined with the "art" and "technology" two lines to discuss the fountain "from low to high flow" art. In the aspect of structure, the article first summarizes the interactive research methods of fountain landscape art and control technology, discusses the historical development of fountains from the artistic and technical aspects, and discusses the evolution of several technical factors which play a crucial role in the history of fountain development.



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