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What is the design and manufacturing principle of music fountain?

What is the design and manufacture principle of music fountain? Water is really a magical thing, can be magnificent, can also sway posture. With the effect of sound, light and electricity, the fountain designed by the music fountain becomes a dancer. The whole design of the music fountain is undertaken by the Municipal Environmental Design Institute where he works, but he admitted, "This is the crystallization of the wisdom of collective cooperation and joint efforts, not one or several people can do. Especially in the field of engineering, covering the latest gas explosion, numerical control, LED and other high-tech, represents the highest level of modern fountain technology.”


According to the introduction, in computer programming, this is the use of the physical waveform of music files, it is divided into a number of segments, precision up to 10 milliseconds, and automatically identify shock, missing, lyric, joy, excitement, sadness, joy, enthusiastic and other basic emotional characteristics of music, and then converted into control signals. After synchronous processing, the signal output card is output to the peripheral specific control unit, that is, according to the water configuration rules to control the submersible pump, solenoid valve, underwater lights and transducers and other actuators, the visual perception and auditory perception are integrated. For example, when the music "My Heart Is Eternal" is played, people feel sad with the rhythm of the music. At this time, we can see that the swaying of the fountain type is more deeply aware of the sentimental attachment.


 When the instrument reaches its climax, the water sprays to the top, accompanied by music, and sounds like rituals. What's the matter? In fact, this is the use of the latest air explosion technology in the performance scheme, popularly known as the greeting ceremony. It is understood that the air explosion fountain technology is currently rare in domestic music fountains, it is often in the symphony, the square atmosphere to the climax. Many people who have watched the fountain in Donggang are impressed by this effect.


  The gas explosion fountain is composed of air compressor, high pressure gas tank, valve and sprinkler head. During the fountain performance, the air compressor pressurizes the air pressure in the high-pressure gas tank to a certain pressure in advance, and the valve opens instantly when the air explosion is performed.


The high pressure gas rushes the water in the nozzle into the air to form a thick water vapor combination, which produces the blasting sound effect. Because the spraying of water column is controlled by special solenoid valve, the opening and closing speed is fast, and the spraying of water column can run quickly, which produces eye-catching effect. "This is unimaginable in a traditional fountain, because each of the air burst nozzles is controlled independently, when the jet, can also run continuously jet, momentum is great.


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