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Shandong spring Plaza lotus fountain

   Jinan's most charming music fountain Jinan Quancheng Plaza large-scale music fountain with colorful night scenery attracted a large number of citizens and tourists to come and watch.

logo 山东泉城广场荷花音乐喷泉图1 (1).jpg

   Quancheng Square is the first city square in China to be named "International Art Plaza". The East and West are about 780 meters, and the north and South are about 230 meters wide, with an area of 16.96 hectares. The design takes the boundary line between Baotuquan and Jiefang Pavilion as the main axis, and the continuation of Bangpeng Street and Shuowen Road as the auxiliary axis to form the functional zones of the frame, which are arranged from west to east.

logo 山东泉城广场荷花音乐喷泉图1 (2).jpg

    Lotus fountain is located in the east of Quancheng Square, which is one of the main landscapes of the square. In the circular pool, a huge metal lotus blossoms, water from the pool and lotus spray out, forming numerous fountains of size, the highest up to tens of meters, is spectacular.

logo 山东泉城广场荷花音乐喷泉图1.jpg

  In recent years, fountain landscape construction is more and more around us. There are also some fountain water bodies not only in major squares but also in our residential areas. It can be seen that the landscape of fountain water in China is developing gradually.


  In fact, many foreign tourists come to Jinan for the Daming Lake, Baotu Spring, Golden Line Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Wulongtan and other scenic spots, basically related to water. As an artificial scenic spot, the lotus fountain of Quancheng Square has also attracted many tourists.




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