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Automatic control technology is the most important technology in music fountain.


Automatic control technology is the most critical technology in music fountain. Its main characteristics are as follows:

1. A high-level music signal processing system has developed a 32-bit computer processing system for music signals based on the international advanced language recognition technology of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The system can carry out spectrum analysis and delay processing of the music signals, extract the effective components suitable for fountain control from the music signals and send them to the master computer. The music signal will be delayed at any time, so that the fountain and music will be synchronized.

2. Centralized and decentralized control system This fountain is directly controlled by the master computer, which has the following characteristics:

1. music signal acquisition function, extract effective components according to frequency characteristics.

2. Fault diagnosis of fountain equipment can diagnose the running state of main engine, leakage of electricity and working state of driving cabinet.

3. The Chinese menu operating system enables the operator to learn how to operate in a short time, and has various dynamic modeling and pattern change display functions of the music fountain, so that the operator can observe various changes of the fountain through the computer screen, greatly facilitating the music fountain orchestration and operator use.

4. Open structure, friendly man-machine interface, open communication interface and programming skills to users, just through the mouse's two keys to complete the music fountain music, so that it is easy to make music fountain music library constantly enriched, always give people a new feeling.

5. direct control of the music fountain directly drives the pump, transducer or server.

6. swing speed and direction control of swing motor, the maximum control amount is 1024 or more. The fountain controller adopts MUCS system, which can be connected with any sound source (CD player, recorder, live performance, etc.). The music can be synchronized with the fountain without distortion of the music signal.

Three. Safety and reliability

1. Each controlled equipment is equipped with over-voltage, over-current, leakage protection devices, once a fault occurs, can automatically cut off the power supply, reliable protection of the road fountain equipment from loss, to ensure personal safety.

2. Summarize a set of unique grounding protection methods from the practice of industrial control engineering to further improve safety.

3. The large-scale use of high-power contactless relay in the driver reduces electromagnetic spark interference, greatly reduces the fault of the main circuit and prolongs the service life.

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