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Chengdu ushering in the new landmark! "Chengdu Florence town" will be opened in December 13th.

      Chengdu IFS, Chengdu Ocean Archaeology, wide and narrow lanes... At the end of the year, Chengdu will usher in a set of tourism, leisure, consumer shopping in one of the new landmarks. The reporter of Chengdu Daily learned from RDM Asia, the project operator and manager of Florence Town, that "Florence Town - Chengdu Famous Goods Autress" will open grandly in our city on December 13 this year. Florence Town, which opens in Chengdu, will be the sixth and the first Florence Town in southwest China after Tianjin, Shanghai, Foshan, Hong Kong and Wuhan.


Florence town layout southwest market

On June 22, commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce, China Chain Management Association (CBRE) issued the "2016 China City Shopping Center Development Index Report". According to the report, the overall trend of development of shopping centers in China is improving, and Audrey is even more outstanding, with a property composite index of 71.2, higher than urban, regional and community shopping centers. The further development opportunities of the Otellis shopping mall confirm the foresight of RDM Group's expansion in China. Earlier, Mr. Jacopo Mazzei, chairman and chief executive of RDM Group, told Chengdu Daily, "We are very optimistic about the prospects of China's Otellis market and have full confidence in the consumption capacity of local consumers in the field of high-end brands. We believe that China will become all-around in the near future. The world's largest otter market. We are happy to see that, in this trend, Florence Town is committed to actively expand the Chinese market, to maintain a leading edge.

It is understood that as the first large-scale high-end Italian style discount shopping mall in southwest China, "Florence Town - Chengdu Famous Goods Autress" is located in Youai Town, Pidu District, our city. The total investment of the project is 700 million yuan, covering an area of 120,000 square meters. [Note: The above data and information come from China Daily Net] The traffic condition of the town is extremely advantageous. It is adjacent to Chengdu-Guanzhou Expressway. It is near Chengdu Second Circle Expressway in the West and IT Avenue in the south. It is only 30 minutes from the center of Chengdu and 40 minutes from Shuangliu International Airport in Chengdu. Why did you choose to locate Florence town in Chengdu City? Mr. Maurizio Lupi, managing director of RDM Asia, told Chengdu Daily: "Before every Florence town opens, we have different teams to evaluate the market in an all-round way. In recent years, Chengdu has great potential for development, and the consumer market for famous goods is growing very fast, especially Chengdu consumption. There is a greater demand for discounts and high-quality products, so we are confident of the Chengdu market. " In addition, Florence town will further expand the southwest market layout. In 2018, a new Florence town will be born in Chongqing.

logo武汉奥特莱斯2 (1).jpg


Florence town - Guangfo famous art outlets perfectly carved classic Italy architectural complex

2logo武汉奥特莱斯2 (1).jpg

Music fountain in Florence town of Wuhan


Seize the tourism and leisure shopping market

Florence town will become the new landmark of Chengdu

Oteri J format is entering the outbreak period in the Chinese market. According to statistics, there are more than 300 outlets in China. At present, Chengdu market has five Austria, namely Time Austria, Synchronized World Austria, Suning Square City Austria and by Chengdu Hualian Mall, Meili Chengchuan Xindian transformation and upgrading of the guest city Austria and Jiku Austria. Each Oteri J has different positioning and format combinations. Among them, mainly located in the Shuangliu District, otter is a well-known representative project. With the opening of "Florence Town - Chengdu Famous Goods Autellis", the situation of the era Autellis family monopolizing Chengdu will be completely rewritten.

According to public information, Florence's small towns exceeded expectations in 2016, with total project turnover exceeding 5.5 billion yuan, an increase of more than 15%, and more than 11 million consumers. Among them, the growth rate of Guangfo Florence town exceeded 45%, much higher than the average level. Mr. Maurizio Lupi attributed the success of the Florence town to two things: the long-term relationship with the brand and the strong operational and management capabilities of the company.

In addition, industry stakeholders analysis, with the upgrade of consumption, consumers pay more and more attention to brand consumption, commodity prices are also more concerned about its rationality, so the combination of tourism can meet the one-stop shopping leisure experience of the town-style Otellis particularly popular. Exactly, Florence town meets this demand. Chengdu Florence Town will continue the design concept of Florence Town, inspired by the classical Italian architectural style. Delicate Italian design, romantic exotic flavor, a variety of brand choices, the annual average of 2% of the attractive price and perfect customer service, will make it a new landmark of consumer fashion and tourism in Southwest China. At the same time, Chengdu Florence Town will also adapt to local conditions to introduce the best local consumer preferences and habits of high-quality brands, and strive to provide Chengdu and its surrounding consumers with more fashion "benefit" selection and leisure shopping experience.

3logo武汉奥特莱斯2 (2).jpg

Florence town - Shanghai famous family Oteri J Medici castle gate

4logo武汉奥特莱斯2 (3).jpg

Florence town - Beijing and Italy famous outlets, presenting classic Italy customs.

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