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Characteristics of water and garden waterscape design

Linear injection is the vertical upward injection of water. It has a neat upward feature, forming a vertical space momentum, suitable for the central core of the fountain. As the main scene of the nozzle generally have a certain amount of volume, some nozzles can eject a large column of water, only a column of water has a magnificent momentum, but some nozzles ejected water for a thin line, so it takes a number of combinations to form a certain momentum.

The water column of the straight spray fountain can be high and short, and can be thick and thin, and the application is very flexible. If sprinklers are arranged in straight lines or gently curved arcs, a very good background and prospect can be formed.


When the nozzle is installed 5 ^ - 10 cm below the surface of the water, the upward jet of water will drive the surrounding water upwelling together, thus forming a gushing spring. In fact, the fountain usually uses a specific nozzle, usually with aeration nozzle and water sprinkler, which can make the water column with bubbles and spray, so that the water column appears thicker and whiter, the formation of a flat three-foot "snow" landscape effect of the fountain is generally not high, most of the height is about lm. It is precisely because of its low, make it more friendly, natural, easy to achieve a harmonious effect with the surrounding scenery, so its application is more extensive, in the garden of small space and indoor waterscape, more used.

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