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Laser water curtain film

        Waterscreen movies are made by high-pressure water pumps and special water curtain generators, which eject water from bottom to top at high speed, and then form a fan-shaped "screen" after atomization. The special video tapes are projected onto the "screen" by a special projector to form a water-screen movie. When viewers watch the movie, the fan-shaped water curtain merges with the natural night sky. When the characters enter the picture, it is as if the characters take off to the sky or descend from the sky, producing a kind of illusion and illusion, fascinating. The water screen projector consists of mechanical device, control bracket, communication port, software, time signal interface and DMX512 interface. Water curtain maximum up to 20 meters, 30-50 meters wide, the best distance of water curtain projection to 80 meters, viewing distance can reach 100-150 meters. The projector engine is controlled by optical sensor with high precision. There are three control methods: programming control, direct control and practical program control. All kinds of VCD discs or water curtain special films can be played on the water curtain, the film and television effect is strange, novel and is an excellent advertising tool, all kinds of square and wide water surface can be installed water curtain film.


Laser water screen film refers to the use of laser projection on the water screen to play films and images, composed of laser system and water screen system. The technology uses a variety of scientific principles, such as hydraulics, optics, acoustics, combined with a variety of modern scientific systems to create a three-dimensional, dynamic media. Compared with the old film projection mode, its dynamic and lifelike art form, changeable and gorgeous presentation mode is widely appreciated by the audience.


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