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World class fountain design landscape, enjoy these interesting and creative fountain together

The fountain design is simple and lively, high and low scattered, distinct, magnificent and changeable fountain modeling. The changing waterscape brings you different and wonderful feelings. In the design of water type, the effect of the whole fountain is mainly considered, so that the water and light blend and each other shine. Creativity, planning, design purpose high starting point, quasi-positioning, new creativity to establish an image, highlight environmental protection, pay attention to modern design concept, design level, technology and waterscape is the "thing" and concept is the "soul".

Most major cities maintain at least one artistic fountain to showcase the country's architecture and creativity, and visitors see unique designs and enjoy a sound-light-water audiovisual feast.

The fountain is one of the most creative buildings ever built by humans. It is basically a creative design that sprays water from some source and then decorates it with various ornate metals, gems or marbles. In order to make the fountain more beautiful, colorful lights are indispensable. Many of the world's famous fountains are works of art that make people feel beautiful, and there are many strange and varied.

Next, let's enjoy these interesting and creative fountain together.

The pan Pu fountain bridge is the main bridge in the center of Seoul, South Korea, connecting the Rui Cao area and the Longshan district. Pan Pu Bridge and Jamsu bridge form a "double deck" bridge. The footpath and bicycle lane are on the lower floor of the bridge, and the fountain water column on both sides of the bridge makes the whole bridge more attractive.

Summer Palace is a luxurious and beautiful palace, beneath the palace is the world's largest fountain pool, fountain base is made of gold statues of Hercules and Lions, making the whole fountain gives a golden feeling.


One of the landmarks of Singapore, the fountain of wealth, is also one of the world's largest fountains. The giant circle architecture takes the idea of Mandala in Buddhism and Hinduism, symbolizing completeness and completeness.

Dubai's Khalifa fountain is the world's largest fountain, with several Arab and from around the world songs, fountain water column can be said to be a real change. Especially when playing Arabic music, both music and dance, but also like fireworks, making it the brightest focus in the Middle East.

Bellagio Hotel fountain is a very beautiful and spectacular fountain. The whole fountain has a large number of underground pipes, fountains, lights, and every day will be regularly accompanied by music fountain performances, fountain performances, the hotel behind the corresponding change will be a variety of different theme background colors, is very beautiful.

A fountain in the Palace of Versailles scale is huge, the Versailles was built by Emperor Miyamoto Louis Xiv's palace, the power supply and fountains with rich baroque style beautiful decoration.

Chicago's Buckingham fountain is still the world's largest fountain of lighting. At dusk, the fountain will work with lights and music, changing the height of the ejection, the changing lights will also shine from under the fountain, Buckingham fountain dazzling, magnificent.

The fountain is a natural landscape and a ground outcrop of confined water. The fountains in gardens are usually constructed artificially for the purpose of landscaping.

In addition to decorating the landscape, fountains have other functions, such as moistening the surrounding air, reducing dust, reducing temperature: fountain droplets collide with air molecules, can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions, conducive to improving the city's appearance and improving the physical and mental health of residents; can also effectively promote the development of tourism. Exhibition and so on.

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