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Humidifying Spray

The humidifying spray is surrounded by fog, which is equivalent to creating a humidity enclosure, and the temperature in the paddock can be reduced by about 20 degrees.

Because the diameter of droplets is very small, they can float in the air for a long time. When droplets touch the suspended dust in the air, they will adhere to the dust and gradually merge into one. When the weight of dust suspended in the air increases to a certain extent, its gravity is greater than buoyancy, it will fall to the ground, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal and air purification.

Make the air pure and fresh, enhance the body's immunity, good for physical and mental health, you are like walking into or living in a deep mountain valley, at the same time, can also relieve you of outdoor mosquito infestation. The natural cleanliness and washing air make the modern world smell of nature.

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