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Artificial Fog

Artificial fog is composed of filtration system, pressurizing system, reflux system, control system, high pressure pipeline system and spray nozzle. Its structure is compact, its performance is stable, its noise is low, its volume is small and its weight is light. The spray nozzle is made of high-tech new alloy material and technology, and is generally divided into sapphire nozzle and spiral shape. Nozzle, droplet fine and uniform.

A light and dry spray system can be produced in large quantities at lower energy consumption and cost. It includes water filter, solenoid valve, high pressure pump, solenoid valve, conveying pipe, atomizing sprinkler and control device. When the atomized water enters the water filter through the inlet pipe, the impurities and suspended substances in the water are filtered out by the water filter. After being controlled, the atomized water is pressurized into high pressure in the liquid pressurizing device and sent to the atomizing nozzle. The liquid is atomized directly into a dry atomizing point with a diameter of less than 5 microns without any help of air flow and substances, and the evaporation surface area is obtained. Very large, when exposed to dry and hot air, the instant will be evaporated, and in the process will take a lot of heat away.

In real life, we see a lot of landscape elements have fog, such as water systems, fountains, rockeries, green plants, lighting and other perfect integration, the air fog to create a more perfect scene.

As a matter of fact, these fogs have been made by landscape artificial fog equipment, and have been widely used in all walks of life. In the fields of industry, agriculture, commerce and garden cultivation, animal husbandry, environmental protection, ecological landscape, artificial fog technology is gradually playing an increasingly important role.

Greatly improved air quality at any time and anywhere can let you enter fairyland, enjoy the smoke like gauze haze, clouds. Artificial fog created by the fog effect of the fog on the world of things such as dreams, fairyland as beautiful, soft, hazy. In today's awareness of environmental awareness, our scenic area is surrounded by clouds and mist, and cool mist comes to us.

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