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Mount Emei mountain moon International Hotel music fountain project

Mount Emei is named for its mountains and has a deep cultural heritage. Mount Emei is the world's natural and cultural heritage known as the "Fairy Mountain Buddha Country" and "Emei World Beautiful" reputation. Mountains must have water, and in the waterscape, fountains are essential. And to be able to place a fountain in a natural landscape called the environment, we can see how strong the fountain itself can be integrated into the surrounding environment.    logo峨眉山山月国际酒店音乐喷泉2.jpg

Mount Emei Mountain International Hotel music fountain can be said to be a model of music fountain. Its construction has brought the spirit and prosperity to the Mount Emei moon hotel. When night falls, Mount Emei Moon returns to its original tranquility. While tourists are still waiting, the Moon Hotel can benefit from the music fountain.

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