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Chengdu Taigu dry music fountain

    Located on Chunxi Road, Chengdu Ocean Archaeology enjoys superior traffic and flow advantages. It adds unique historical and cultural charm to the adjacent Millennium Temple Daci Temple. Some people say that all this is due to the dynamic and static fountain waterscape, fountain will be the perfect combination of modern design and classical design.

城都太古里旱喷 (1).png 

   Unlike traditional large-scale indoor shopping malls, the buildings here are all 2.3-storey single-storey buildings, one by one, landing glass walls, brilliant lights, classical design style into the modern urban concept, so the Taiguli music fountain is not like most Lake fountains jumping thousands of miles, but with the surrounding low-rise buildings. Don't have a delicate taste! It feels so comfortable. The music fountain of Chengdu Ocean Archean Ridong Square has been loved by consumers since it was opened in 2015. In this season of all things alternating, it has injected a new night scene into Chengdu Ocean Archean.

城都太古里旱喷 (2).png

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