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Fountain project of Yingjia world square, Bishan

        Bishan Yingjiatian is a residential district in Chongqing. The music fountain in the square has become a good place for residents to relax and relax. It can be seen how strong the fountain itself can be integrated into the surrounding environment.

logo璧山瀛嘉天下广场喷泉图1 (2).jpg

     Benevolent Leshan, wise people like water. The construction of the fountain undoubtedly increased the beautification function of the residential environment and brought the residents a higher quality of life. This not only leaves a thriving scene for the residents, but also brings a rich flow of people to the commercial area around the music fountain, which has a certain commercial investment value.


 The whole fountain is controlled by the music rhythm. The water pattern changes freely, and the water pattern ejected from the fountain is matched with the bright red and bright lights. It is like a blooming flower, bringing people an incomparable visual feast. After colorful refraction, tens of millions of beads of crystal like water become a bright night scene. Residents stopped to watch and took out their cell phones to take photos. Children are more reluctant to return.

logo璧山瀛嘉天下广场喷泉图1 (3).jpg

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