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Dryland music fountain in Nanbin Road, Chongqing

Chongqing Nanbin Road is located in the central position of Chongqing City. It is located in the Yangtze River to the north and the Nanshan Mountains to the south. It is the most beautiful night scene in Chongqing.

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      South Bin park music fountain spray area as long as 380 meters, is the first domestic dry fountain. Combined with the strong historical and cultural background of Nanbin Road, the design of music fountain is composed of five parts, which can be enjoyed by Changbin Road on the other side of the river or participated in at close range. Especially in the last chapter, music slowed down, and misty rain was very romantic.。

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      A tall building beside the music fountain overlooks the panoramic view: Fountain Square is bigger than 3 standard football fields. The highest water column is nearly 40 meters, which is equivalent to a 13 storey building. This "one garden and two Hebei" is like a huge Kun Peng with full wings. The rows of drainage poles soared up into the sky with beautiful melodies, sometimes graceful, sometimes powerful, like a skillful dancer. "Nanbin Park Music Fountain has 1,300 nozzles, and the fountain is equipped with an industrial computer control system, wind sensor and control system. All water can be recycled. " The biggest feature of Nanbin Park music fountain is that any one of the fountains can be called a dancer, can be flexible according to the rhythm of music changes, which is currently unable to do most of the domestic music fountains.


       The whole fountain is controlled by the music rhythm. The water pattern changes freely, and the water pattern ejected from the fountain is matched with the bright red and bright lights. It is like a blooming flower, bringing people an incomparable visual feast. Through the refraction of colorful lights, thousands of droplets of water like colorful crystals, become a bright night scene, evening, music fountain park with the music of numerous fountain water column rhythm, or up and down, or up and down, with the change of colorful lights wonderful!

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