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Fire Spray


Fire fountains, also known as flame fountains, or color fire shows, are mainly used in large squares. The principle is that a special device extrudes gas fuel into the air to produce a violent explosion, forming a large, gorgeous round fireball, accompanied by dazzling light and sound.

There are also great differences between traditional fountains. Traditional fountains use water as spray medium, color fountains use fire as spray medium, and color fountains use natural gas and propane as fuel.

It can eject red, yellow, orchid, violet, green, orange and other different colors of flame from the same nozzle to form a more dazzling colorful effect, in the stage theater performance or water show performance can create a more shocking effect.

Color fire show breaks the "water and fire do not mix" convention, through the manufacture of fire, water, smoke spray three natural phenomena, will be integrated to form a magnificent scene of water and fire blending.

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