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1-D Sprinkler 2-D Sprinkler

In recent years, with the continuous deepening of digital technology in the fountain field, the industry colleagues'unremitting efforts, digital sprinkler successfully developed, although compared with foreign similar products a few years later, but finally up to catch up with the results. The three digital sprinklers used in fountain are: one dimensional sprinkler, two dimensional sprinkler and three dimensional sprinkler.

There are three forms of digital sprinkler application in fountains.

One is digital swing nozzle, controlled by a stepper motor industry is also commonly known as one-dimensional swing nozzle, refers to the nozzle in a plane to do circular motion, with a degree of freedom movement.

The second is the vertical and horizontal swing nozzle, which is based on the one-dimensional swing, adding vertical and horizontal motion control. It can make the one-dimensional sprinkler do vertical and horizontal swing action in the vertical plane. It is commonly called two-dimensional sprinkler and has two degrees of freedom.

Third, the universal digital swing nozzle, usually controlled by two stepping motors, a platform motor, for the nozzle to provide a horizontal rotation, reversal platform, on this platform, there is a further motor control nozzle in the vertical plane swing action, therefore, can spray water in any direction, with True dynamic universal swing function. The industry is commonly known as the three-dimensional swing nozzle, although not very accurate, but also has three degrees of freedom, the direction of movement is not limited significance.

The sprinkler is composed of a platform motor and a swing motor, which together determine the direction of the sprinkler. Therefore, there is a motion synchronization problem between the platform motor and the wobble motor in the sprinkler head. In the whole water type performance, there is the problem of synchronization between the sprinklers. Therefore, the control of three dimensional sprinkler is the most complex in all digital sprinklers.

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