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Air Blasting Fountain

The numerical control gas explosion spring is designed for the technical problem that the existing fountain or running spring structure is not good and the water column shape effect is not ideal.

The design point is that the CNC air explosion spring is equipped with at least one set of CNC valves, water intake device, water storage device, universal sprinkler head, one-way valve and air bag, the one-way valve of the air explosion generator is connected with the trachea, the trachea is connected with the air storage cylinder, and the air storage cylinder is connected with the air compressor.

Air compressor gas through the air storage cylinder, pipe, one-way valve quickly filled the air bag, through the backstage computer control valve power-on and universal sprinkler turn, high-pressure gas reservoir water from the universal sprinkler quickly ejected, and accompanied by "bang" sound.

It has low water quality requirements, fountains are flexible and diverse, fast, loud, high water column, magnificent momentum, suitable for commercial plazas, hotels, parks and other large public places landscape layout and atmosphere rendering.

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